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Welcome to our store

We would like to express our great gratitude for finding interest in our products

Kobold Customs specializes in manufacture of hand-fitted accessories for all kinds of firearm platforms as well as sale of 3rd party parts from trusted sources. We offer products designed for anything from modern AK and AR systems, to reload drill and firearm safety equipment.

We continuously work on new products for both popular and obscure firearms. Thanks to our flexible design approach we can offer modular products that can serve as host for further customization.

We thoroughly test all of our product designs before listing them on our Website. With that we try our best to ensure perfect out-of-a-box performance of all our products and strive to further enhance their capabilities based on feedback from our awesome Customers.

We designed all of our products with maximum reliability and durability as leading design choice factors.
Products manufactured by us are marked with Standard Pattern, Premium Pattern or KC Special Pattern tags.

Thanks to use of the newest design and manufacturing solutions we are able to deliver personalized and innovative accessories.

During production of our accessories we use only the top quality materials from reputable suppliers. Our innovative approach allows for implementation of cutting edge materials such as 3D printed carbon fiber reinforced polyamide and TPE based polymers.

All products marked with Pattern tag are made in-house. We do not repack cheaply outsourced equipment and brand it as our own.