We offer wide array of services for commercial and institutional customers with special focus on all-inclusive assistance with design, production, supply and servicing of firearm parts.


  • Concept-to-Finished-Product design services and low volume part fabrication
  • Rapid replacement part manufacturing to client’s specification
  • Engineering and design consulting services
  • Custom cosmetic and functional modifications to existing assemblies
  • Part engraving and marking
  • Surface treatment and coating application
  • Inspection and repair services conducted by qualified gunsmiths
  • Sourcing and delivery of parts from 3rd party suppliers
  • Access to extensive reference collection of various firearm parts and accessories, including +1000 unique ammunition magazines
Our team of engineers and designers is ready to provide full service using modern CAD software and CAM based parts fabrication (CNC milling, 3D printing, laser cutting and more). We maintain full compliance with customer’s specification, IP protection and project security.
We are happy to discuss your needs and advise on possible services that we can offer. Please contact us via methods listed in the link below for more information:

Our recent projects

9×39 mm AS VAL / VSS Magazines

Fully functional reproduction of the original magazine but made using newest manufacturing methods following time sensitive development schedule. Created using state of the art additively manufactured carbon fiber composite. Array of small updates to the original design to ensure drop in compatibility and maximum durability.

Drop In Bolt-Hold-Open Followers for AK Magazines

End user friendly replacement that adds completely new functionality to the popular rifle platform. Made using impact and temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced nylon. Number of compatibility variants to ensure best fit for specific caliber and magazine body.

Plush Ammunition Can Pillows

Developed in cooperation with our local subcontractor for a customer looking for novelty gifts. Inspired by classic eastern type hermetic ammunition cans. 1:1 copy of the original in terms of size but executed as soft decorative item. All sewing and CNC embroidery done in Poland. Perfect cosmetic item for all interiors and doubles as comfortable aiming support.