1. What is Kobold Customs?

    We are producer and retailer of firearm and shooting accessories based in south Poland. Our main focus are products related to firearm magazines and furniture parts.
  2. Which products are made by Kobold Customs?

    You can find items made by us by sorting by Kobold Customs brand in our online shop. Please note that we offer products both made completely by us as well as 3rd party products modified in-house by us.
  3. What colors are available for products made by Kobold Customs?

    We produce accessories in several standard colors but we also take custom orders for client specified colors (you can use contact info available here to receive details about possible options https://www.koboldcustoms.com/contact-us/).
    Please not that some of our high performance parts are usually only available in black color due to presence of color altering composite additives.
  4. Do you ship abroad?

    Yes, we do. Many of our products are small enough to be shipped in bubblewrap protected envelope pack which allows us to offer low cost fast shipping. Please note that there might be additional requirements for importation of parts into your contry so please verify if you can purchase them beforehand.
  5. What is the shipping time?

    Most of the orders are shipped within 2 -3 business days of payment completion. Sometimes due to national holidays, very high order amount and other rare events that are out of our control, the order completion might take a little bit longer.
    We also allow making backorders for some of the items that are currently out of stock but we expect to be back in stock in timely manner. Additional processing time is usually between 4-14 days depending on type of item (more accurate time is listed on product page).
    Should significant delay of any type appear, we will inform you about situation and available options through email.
    Shipping time varies greatly depending on customer’s location and chosen shipping option. More information is available here: https://www.koboldcustoms.com/international-shipping-times-update/
  6. What are the payment options?

    You can pay with credit/debit cards or direct bank transfers. Some specific transactions can also be completed using Paypal. If you would like to make and order with Paypal, please use contact information available here with https://www.koboldcustoms.com/contact-us/. In your message, please specify what items you would like to purchase. Paypal’s terms of service are rather strict about firearm part transactions and thus we are forced to take additional steps to verify compliance on specific products.
  7. What currencies are accepted?

    We readily accept PLN, EUR and USD but we can also make arrangements to accept other currencies on request.
  8. Can I return ordered items for refund?

    Yes, you can return any item within 14 days of receiving it. If you would like to make a return please write to: info@koboldcustoms.com
    In your email, please specify order number and what items you would like to return. We will reply to you with information on how to perform return of goods.
  9. Can you make new variant of existing item on request or take custom orders?

    Yes, we are often able to redesign specific elements based on customer’s details and measurements.  If our store is missing an item that is produced by one of our suppliers, please feel free to reach out to us as we often can procure it directly for you.
    For more information on specific custom orders, please use contact info available here: https://www.koboldcustoms.com/contact-us/